About Me

Originally from Mexico, I moved to the USA in 2001, right after graduating college and spending time in the IT market in my hometown in the northwestern mexican state of Sonora, I then moved to Southern California where I met many crazy but awesome people that I worked with and for, primarily on projects involving non-stop coding and pulling all-nighters regularily. After the dot-com bubble burst, I settled in for a more stable job still in the application development realm. Finally, I moved to the formal financial industry and have been working in IT/AppDev since.

In addition to my love for coding, I consider myself an apprentice of woodworking.

Some of my woodwork.. work --> Photos

I also love anything related to aviation, from the shape of the wing of an airplane, to the thrust of its engines, love bumpy rides since I tend to enhance my coding (at least I think) in these situations.

Additionally I teach a "Learn to Code" course for young boys and girls, have a look at my learncoding.rocks website for more information.

I am an avid Science Fiction reader (and watcher), however I do enjoy non fiction as well. My favorite author is Sam Harris, and (as any geek) I also enjoy, anything related to science and science fiction, with an (almost unhealthy) passion for anything Star Trek, and especially if it relates to DS9.


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