Julio FS

My name is Julio Flores Schwarzbeck, and I am a full-stack software developer.

I am also a GenX-er who started programming in the mid-80's and haven't stopped ever since. I enjoy dynamic web application development, microservice-oriented API design and implementation, using web technologies.

I specialize in Python, HTML5/JavaScript ES6, and Mobile Web applications, and prefer coding in Linux (Pop!_OS).

I've opened a Code Blog section which I developed using the same technologies used to create this web site, and plan to post my own experiences in the coding scene, both personally, and professionally. Hope you enjoy it.


I have a BS in Systems Engineering and have worked from incredibly awesome start-ups to the formal mighty financial industry, on hands-on, pure, unadulterated web and full-stack application development.

I am currently employed working as an Application Development Tech Lead at a financial advisory firm in Camas, WA. USA.


I love to code. I learnt Python around 2000, and alongside HTML5+ and JavaScript technologies it became my passion. I've also been a Linux user for decades, and feel more at home writing Open Source software.

I also tutor coding (Check learncoding.rocks ) for HS kids, college students and adult folks.


I don't participate much in social networking currently, I'd rather build, than consume technology, especialy mainstream type. But in any case, I sometimes lurk around on threads and reddit.

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