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Zope and (sometimes) bit of Windows.
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web2py is a web application framework 100% Python based.

I decided to use this platform since it turned out to be extremely flexible, easy to use and allowed me to develop web application prototypes at an incredible speed.

This very Weblog has been coded 100% in web2py, it took me approximately two weeks coding time to come up with the first release and it still surprises me with all the extra-stuff that is included in the framework which I am still yet to test.

Its creator, Massimo Di Pierro, is an academic from the dePaul university, in chicago, IL, a very easy-going individual, I've had the pleasure to exchange a couple of threads with, and he's proven to always be well-mannered and a good person overall. In his own words, web2py is described as ".. Free and open source full-stack enterprise framework for agile development of secure database-driven web-based applications, written and programmable in Python ..".

web2py runs, unmodified, in Windows, OS X, Linux and literally any platform that can execute Python, web2py can even run from a thumb drive, and it does not require external configuration files or other nuisances.

The source code of this weblog is available upon request, just drop me a comment if you are interested.


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